Web Image Slideshow

Get Web Image Slideshow at Google Play Store.

You can now slideshow the images on the web with the Web Image Slideshow app.

Input the URL of the web page that holds the images you want to watch. Or use Google to find the web site and open up the link. Then click the "image" button at the bottom center to start the Slideshow. The next image will be loaded automatically (you can disable this in the settings) after several seconds. You can also swipe left on the screen to view the next image.

When viewing an image, long press on it to bring up the menu. You can choose to:

Swipe left to go to the next image. Swipe right to go back to the previous image. Swipe down to reload the image.

If the web site requires you login first to view the images, you need to login to it via our mini browser. To do that, long press on the screen and select "Open page to Login" from the menu, and then use the login link or button on the web page to login. After done with the mini browser, you can go back to the Viewer to reload and view the images from the previous web page, or you can click on the image (bottom-center) button to load and view the images from the last web page opened in the mini browser.

The other way to view images with Web Image Slideshow is -- when you are using a browser app, click the browser's share button. Select our app Web Image Slideshow from the list of apps. Web Image Slideshow will load all the images from the web page and start showing the first one.